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Glow Up with Tammy Lee - Group

2 Day Class


Glow Up with Tammy Lee 

2 Day Individual Class

Are you ready to heal yourself?

My name is Tammy Lee and I am a spiritual teacher, energy healing facilitator and life coach! I will help you heal yourself and awaken to who you are as a spiritual being by teaching you a combination of ancient spiritual wisdom and new energy principles. I will assist you with accessing your infinite potential and utilizing it to create a wonderful life for yourself and the people around you. I can help you clear energy blockages and to free yourself from the bondage of negative energies. 

Know that you are divine light and love!
I specialize in distant energy healing and life coaching - the two go hand-in-hand as we balance your physical and spiritual self to maximize your joy and fulfillment in this lifetime. 

Connect and Manifest

in 5 minutes or less

I teach you a simple step-by-step process to connect with your divine self (higher self, soul self), to release your karma and intend the life you desire in 5 minutes or less. You will learn to balance your spiritual and physical self and release much that has been holding you back from living the life you want.


Awaken Your Light

Distant Energy Healing

Each session will assist you with:
-releasing energy blockages in your physical, mental and emotional bodies including cutting energetic cords of attachment and balancing your chakras
-connecting to your higher self and the universal divine consciousness
-clearing your karma to enable you to move forward in life and create the life you desire
-utilizing simple tools to enable you to be an active participant in the process and to use on your own when you desire


With distant energy healing you are able to experience the session in the comfort of your own home. We will do our preliminary communication and follow up through email, messaging and/or phone.

I will contact you prior to the session to set up a time that works for both of us-when you can sit or lay quietly for the duration of the session (this is not a requirement-I can do my work without you in a relaxed mode). I will provide you with a simple 10 minute preparation before the session and I customize each session intuitively for each client and generally run from 20 to 40 minutes. When complete, I will provide you with a summary of the session.

I am here-through your intent- to help you raise your vibration, release the old negative energy and awaken your light. You, as the divine creator that you are, are ultimately healing yourself!

1 Session: $120.00

3 Sessions: $324.00

12 Sessions: $1224.00

Other Packages Available

 ***I am not a medical expert. This is not a substitute for traditional medical advice.  


Awaken Your Light Today




As a long time chronic pain sufferer, I struggled with many expensive procedures that were never successful.  Thru Tammy's energy movement and coaching, many of my pain symptoms have greatly decreased and are insignificant now. 

I am thankful that through the coaching and energy healing sessions, I am now winning!

Lisa Marie, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Where to begin...I was fortunate enough to find this healer when I was searching for help and answers. She's the real deal. Very understanding, compassionate and flexible in her approach. I have been guided into an improved energetic connection, higher overall vibration and improvement of specific conditions. I couldn't be more pleased and blessed. 

Christoph, Texas, USA

I contacted Tammy for the healing which has, each time, knocked me out into a need for a deep sleep only to wake feeling quite refreshed and in receipt of both a visual and informative explanation of the areas worked on and what messages there are for me. The flow of communication is second to none. I picked up on her life coaching program and we have combined the work and to be honest, as one whom is very interested in this side of things, have found Tammy to be genuine and incredibly supportive. I have definitely found clarity during my time with her and in honesty, this was unexpected. She has a truly lovely way about her and I would urge anyone to give her a try. I believe you would not be disappointed.

Thank you, Tammy. 

Sacha Devon, St. Tropez, France

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